Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Quilting Update

My project list is far greater than my skill level, amount of available time, or fabric budget. In fact, my project list is probably greater than all three of those other things combined. I have very clear ideas, visions, in my head of what each of these future quilts ought to look like, and very little idea of how to get them from my head onto paper and into fabric.  Luckily for me, people who love me are sending a present my way that should help with that part. (thanks, guys!)

Because part of my problem is fear which causes me to procrastinate and not start on stuff, I'm going to briefly (ha!) outline each one of the projects here. This way, I have to start them sooner or later. And you guys can pester me for updates to make sure I do.

In no particular order, the stuff in my "to make some day" idea folder....

The Brazil Quilt -- this one is completely my design, and will be based on the cobblestone mosaic patterns of the sidewalks in Brazil. The center will be a typical flower design, with the side borders (there is no top/bottom border) being the famous wave pattern. There will also be a bird or two, and probably some little favela in the corner. It will divide on the diagonal, top left to bottom right; the left/bottom will be in the colors of the sidewalks -- blacks, beiges, creams, tans. The right/top will be in the colors of nature -- blues for the waves, bright tropical colors in the flower, etc.  So far I have a rough sketch and have bought all the fabric for the quilt top.

The Writer's Quilt -- this will be the one I work on first, and is in fact already started. We'll highlight some of his own work (a comic strip he created), printed on fabric sheets that are 8 x 11. Each of those will be framed out in red, and the rest of the quilt will be black & white, with a pieced border in grays. The design will be oversized rail fence blocks; one side in all blacks, the other side in all whites, but the sides will interlock. The middle 2 columns will showcase the comic strip, and the seams where the halves interlock will be outlined in red. I was inspired by this quilt and then adapted it to fit. So far I have 5 of the black rail fence blocks done.

black rail fence blocks; laid out, not sewn
this is what 4 blocks will look like put together; each block is around 12 x 12

what the white ones will look like
same as above, not sewn yet, just laid out, 4 blocks, each 12x12

The Storybook Quilt -- this is way way way down the list, but it's going to be amazing when I ever get to do it. Simple rows, straight across like a bookshelf. The bottom row -- scenes from children's books, things like Goodnight Moon and that sort of thing. The top row -- scenes from grown-up books, like Lord of the Rings. Along the way, we'll visit Harry Potter, Narnia, the If You Give a.... series, and I'm really not sure what all else. I'm sure Pooh will be there somewhere. And probably a Mockingjay. At the bottom left I'll have a tiny caterpillar, cut from the trademarked Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar fabric; at the top right, the butterfly from same. He'll munch his way through the books; a Books quilt block will separate each scene. I've got a few rough sketches of this, but I'm sure it will change and grow as my boys discover old favorites and introduce me to new ones. I have no idea how to execute this quilt, which is why it's in perpetual last on my list of quilts to make.

The Artist's T-Shirt Quilt -- The Artist gets attached to his shirts, particularly souvenir type shirts. He hates outgrowing them, because they have to be removed from his closet. So I told him about t-shirt quilts, and a pile is growing in the sewing room. When there are enough shirts there, I'll make this quilt for him using Jules' favorite t-shirt quilt pattern.

The Argyle Baby Quilt -- I've designed a baby quilt, inspired by a pair of socks, and prompted by a baby quilt contest. Only, I couldn't bear to spend the money on fabrics for a quilt with no recipient in mind so I am not entering the contest. Still, I'm excited by the design and just waiting for a family member to find out what she's having so I can go buy either pinks or blues. The quilt will be pieced, and more detailed than this drawing, but here's a basic drawing I did in paint. Colors subject to change depending on baby's gender. Quilters, I plan to do this by strip piecing and then cutting the strips into diamond shapes (or, squares but turned on the diagonal). The argyle fine line in the main feature will be either ribbon or rick-rack, depending if said family member is having a girl or a boy.

background will be a soft pink, not dull yellow
not sure the color for the ribbon/rick-rack
and if relative is having a boy, will be a soft green with dark blue & green.
Something like that. Will not be solid, but pieced from a few fabrics in the background color.

Some kind of Quilt for The Adventurer -- I want to do a quilt for each boy, but The Adventurer has no idea and neither do I. Maybe something Nintendo themed. Or fish/swimming themed. We'll see. Since we've neither one of us got any idea, his will come after The Writer's and The Artist's.

The Artist's Main Quilt -- I know I already said about the Artist's t-shirt quilt, but that's a years-later thing; I also want to do him a now quilt, probably cat themed or a simpler adaptation of the storybook quilt. He asked for something based on Warriors, a cat-themed book series, so I'm brainstorming and trying to come up with something he'll like yet not quite so specific to one particular book. He's my little bookworm, so hoping to talk him into something broader. We'll see. He is also the cat lover of the family, so cats work well for him too. His will be after The Writer's quilt, and maybe after The Brazil Quilt depending on if I figure out what The Artist wants before then or not.

A Songs series -- I made a small wall hanging as a gift for someone, based on a song that I love. I'd like to make a 2nd version of that for myself, and am debating doing this as a series of wall hangings based on other songs as well, or as blocks to fit into the border of the Diary Quilt, or as a separate lap quilt in & of itself. Still toying with that idea; we'll see what shape it takes.

And I still have to finish the Diary Quilt. Blocks are done, which I need to finish showcasing here, and I'm adding the setting triangles to turn them into the right size for the quilt size I want. I'll be finishing this one by hand, so it's easy to work on between other projects.

That's my list, so far. My goal is to have The Writer's quilt done by our winter -- June-ish. I'm not sure I'll make it, but we'll see. The blocks go together quickly, it's the finishing up that worries me. I've still never quilted a quilt before, so.....wish me luck. And keep asking how things are going. I need the accountability if I'm ever going to get any of these done.