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As I've recently discovered that someone copied one of my original quilts, without permission or giving credit, and in fact claiming to be the original designer, I have had to add a copyright information page.

Unless otherwise noted (and it will be clearly noted), all quilts are my original design, and may not be copied without express written permission.

Public display of these quilts and publication of the photos of the finished product does not constitute publishing a pattern, and as such it is my understanding that fair use exceptions do not apply; to use my designs, which are not published or offered for sale and instead are posted as a display of my original artwork (in quilt form), you must ask permission (and give credit in any posts you may make about it once you make your version).

If you like a quilt I've made, and wish to make one like it, PLEASE contact me by commenting here on the blog, or via email at MusingsOnTheMove (at) Gmail (dot) com (or by clicking through  my Blogger profile which should have contact info as well).

I'm happy to have my quilts replicated, IF permission has been given and credit given to me as the designer.

If it happens to be one of the few quilts that I've made based on a published pattern I will direct you to the appropriate pattern (most blog posts should already have those links included), or tutorial as the case may be.

Also, PLEASE note that even though I do sometimes show progress photos of my quilts, these are NOT meant as "free tutorials" and thus inherently giving permission to copy. Unless it is listed as such (as a quilt tutorial), for instruction, it is merely intended as a public display of my original works of art (or, rarely, quilts based on patterns I have legally purchased or tutorials I have legally followed and duly credited).

Please -- ask permission, and give credit. Always.

All content on this blog belongs to the blog author, and copyright infringement will be taken seriously. Thank you.

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