Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sewing is HARD.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

I can't post pictures, in case various gift recipients are reading. Although, if they are -- take this as fair warning: If you think you might be getting a handmade gift from me for Christmas, chances are high that it won't actually materialize.

(ha! catch that pun??? hand sewn.....material-ize??? Yea, I crack myself up.....)

Anyway -- sewing is hard. Squares I can do, more or less. Triangles, not so much. Mitered corners?? Strange shapes that join triangles??? Even worse -- sewing something that has to be connected on two sides. HARD, I tell ya. Hard.

But, these people, the intended recipients (who are daily dwindling to lesser and lesser numbers, as I face the reality that my ambition far exceeds my actual ability....) -- well, these are important people. People I love. People I want to impress. People who I know will value the effort.

And so I trudge on. Ripping out stitches, re-cutting fabric, AGAIN. Re-stitching the ripped out bits. Again. Because I have high hopes that I might really, truly, if I work really, really, really hard until I'm out of time -- I might actually finish enough of these little things to be able to give them to more than one person. That's the goal. The plan. The, as it stands right now, pie in the sky.

My mentor is walking me through it and has solved the biggest of my problems, so there is some hope. (I still haven't sent her pictures, either.....I'm such a bad student!). She is such a natural teacher that even via email I'm able to figure out what I did wrong and how to fix it. She's pretty cool that way.

And, she did tell me that part four of my little project was probably too hard. So, if it gives me fits, it's only my own fault for even trying. After the difficulty with part three, I'm thinking she's probably right. Except there is this teeny tiny stubborn part of me that wants to try anyway. Even though part three still isn't perfect and is just barely "good enough."  So, one more go at part three, fixing the last of my errors, and then I'll decide on part four. Thing is, it's full of those mitered corners and wonky shapes and bits being connected on two or more sides and triangles and, well, it's a seriously complicated bit of work.

I just keep thinking, "yea, but it's a seriously cool bit of work, and if I pull it off, nothing in the sewing world will ever scare me again......"

So, back to the sewing room (aka, dining room table). I've got stitches to rip out, and cloth to cut, and sewing to do. Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.


  1. OH dear, this brought all types of comments to mind.
    1) like actual goal ? to finish what you start (as we try to teach our children) OR to be perfect on the first try'
    2) I have great admiration and will display proudly home-hand-made items given to me. all the way from gifts from grandchildren to treasured throws made by my mother. BUT I HATE to sew. knit or any version of the above. I learned this back in High school. when it was expected that the preperation for being a wife (no career) included cooking and sewing. I HATED ripping out what the teacher thought not perfect enough... But do love to cook.
    3) I think - our goals - should included doing what we love to do while spending our free - creative time. and it is okay to say this isn't for me.
    4) I learned that my best free time is doing physical activity not small hand coordination things. so tearing out old bushes, or removing wall paper, lifting weights.... this is my choice of free time activity.
    I no longer have to please all the other women with their preconceived ides of what a WOMAN does. Thank God for the 70s

  2. It was with trepidation that I opened this post... :)

    You make me smile and get teary and wanna jump into my computer and instantly arrive in your living room to give you a hug all at once!! --well, arrive in the dining/sewing room where I'll find you! :)

    Part 4 with set-in seams... everyone that knows will tell you to skip that one. I'll work on some more emails. :D

  3. I agree that sewing is hard. I could probably post pictures that would make everyone laugh. Good luck finishing your project and I hope you post pictures after the recipient has received the gift.

  4. Ginger - real goals. I do enjoy this, believe it or not. And I'm not trying to be perfectionistic, but nor do I want these gifts to look too amateur (even though that's what they are). But I promise, as long as I listen to everyone and don't try Part 4, I'm not setting impossible goals or trying to meet some "supposed to do" image. I promise!

    Jules - I so want to try Part 4!! Even though it looks impossibly hard, especially after the fits that Part 3 gave me. That two-sided bit is tricky!!!!

    Angela, these pictures would make people laugh for sure. The "before" and first, second, third tries...yep, they're horridly bad. I will definitely post once I've given the gift away. Maybe once I finish if I just don't say who it is for.....

  5. I am sew impressed! (see, I can be punny too!) Seriously.

    I broke out in hives just reading this post. I wish I liked sewing. I wish I wanted to teach it to my daughters, but... it requires that I do deep breath exercises too often to be enjoyable.

    Keep plugging along!