Monday, March 14, 2011

I Need a Project....

I posted earlier in the year about a Pay it Forward project, where I would make a handmade gift for the first three people to comment that they wanted to receive said gift.  (except I accepted four, because the fourth person who posted is someone it just tickled me to think of making something for....). 

Only now I'm stuck.

I don't know what to make.

I am having trouble deciding --- would people prefer something I sew? A quilted hot pad? Or coaster set? Or placemats???

Should I look for some fun tote bag or mini tote bag pattern and try that??? Or something else?? What all stuff can be sewn????

Would they prefer a photo something? A set of photo notecards using some of my photos?? Beach photos? Amazon photos? Flower photos? Crazy pet photos?? Is that cheesy???

A photo calendar?? I did that for a few folks at Christmas and it was  a hit. But then, who wants a calendar in the middle of the year, so scratch that.....

What about a paper crafted something? I do have all my scrap booking supplies and could do cards or note cards.......a set of paper notecards they can use?? Wrapped up in a quilted pouch???

See -- I'm stuck. 

I had an idea rattling around for a quilted 12x12 square, which could be used as a hot pad in the kitchen, or a wall hanging or something. But I'm having trouble converting my loose idea into an actual pattern. And I keep second guessing -- would people be glad to receive such a thing???  I mean, I was given one at Christmas by a friend, and I love it. A lot. I use it daily. But maybe everyone else is not like me.

So -- I'm turning to all of you. Suppose you had been (or maybe you really are!) one of the three (but really four) people who commented on that post.

Suppose I was making something for you, just because I think you are really cool and I'm glad you read my blog. What would you want me to make for you???? 


  1. Photo notecards all the way!!!

  2. Quilted coasters would be my top choice.

  3. Jennifer, why does that not surprise me from you :)

  4. Anon -- are you one of the four?? And, which types of photos?? Beach? Amazon? Sunsets? Flowers?

    Too many choices!!!!

  5. Sorry not one of the four--I just love your photos and return to your blog for the pictures and sense of adventure. I was a friend of your dad's a while back....

  6. Popping in! I love the idea of notecards. I am always hunting around (and lacking) something special when I want to write a quick personal note to a friend.

    As far as the type of photos go...
    I think I most often write notes when I think someone could use a bit of encouragement.

    Does that help? :-D (So excited!)

  7. I say notecards. Either paper handmade ones w/ your sb talents or photo ones (beach).

    I think making 4 sets of coasters by hand is a big bite!! :)

    I'd make a fabric paper covered book, it I was in on the project. ;)

  8. I think the photo note cards with waterfalls and beaches. Love, Mom

  9. If I was one of the lucky four... ;)

    Something sewn would be fun - a tote bag, pot holders, pad or hmm have you seen mug rugs? here's an example:

    But actually anything at all - that's the fun of getting happy mail :)

  10. You are so sweet. I think anything you made would be lovely and the recipients I'm sure would be delighted. I'm a quilter though so I vote for something that you sewed.