Monday, July 16, 2012

The Argyle Quilt Gets Its Argyle Trim...

I've hit a point in the Argyle Baby Quilt that I wanted to update and post pictures. I have finally finished the 2nd of the three panels, including adding the trim that  makes the "argyle" look, and with that addition I now, finally, love the way this quilt looks.

Since my original design had been inspired by totally different colors, I was slow to warm up to the lavender & purple of  this quilt. I still really want to do the pink & black version, I just need a good excuse, but meanwhile I've added the sweet floral criss-cross and this quilt sings to me.

As I still have one more panel to go --- eighty more pair of triangles to cut, pair up, sew into rows of 20 pair each, join those 4 rows into a panel, add the trim and, finally, join that 3rd panel to these 2 panels --- it's good I'm loving the quilt so I stay motivated to finish. I am WAY past my self-set deadline, which means I am going to have to fly on the quilting portion, but so be it. Either that, or the recipient will get it at the end of my US visit instead of the beginning. Time, and my ability to focus and get to work, will tell. Wish me luck; I am going to need it!

Oh, and cheer me on, 'kay? Isn't it looking lovely???

the 2 panels all laid out on the dining table.
No, I have not squared it up yet. Yes, I will before I add binding. 

close-up of it all laid out, before the 2 panels were sewn together

and a closer close-up of the focal section, once the 2 panels were sewn together.
the 3rd panel will be identical to the one on the left, completing the argyle look.