Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Won a Prize!!

Various cyber-friends have turned me on to a few new quilting blogs, one of which is the fun & informative & inspiring blog Gen X Quilters.

The blog author, AnneMarie, recently had a give-away for a block pattern she designed (one of a 4-part series), and I was one of the lucky winners! I couldn't believe it!! Since it is a PDF file, there were no restrictions on location of the entrant/winner -- a mighty big plus for me!

This is the block I won --- Water Pitcher #4 --- and I plan to make it soon. Like it? You can buy her patterns at GenXQuilters Pattern Store on Craftsy or at her own GenXQuilters Pattern Shop on her blog.

Before we moved to Brazil, I had an actual water pitcher that looked just like the one in the quilt block; I've always loved the antique pitcher/basin combos and long hoped to own one. Mine wasn't an antique, but I loved it. I had it on display along with the lyrics to a favorite and inspiring song, The Basin & The Towel by Michael Card. The song, and the visual display, reminded me to make hospitality a reality in my home, to treat my guests with a humble attitude, a servant's heart, to make sure my guests feel honored in my home.

When we moved, the basin & pitcher stayed in Texas. With this quilt block, when I make it, I can once again have that visual display, that reminder to be hospitable, to be kind, to make people feel welcome, to treat others better than I would like to be treated myself.

I can't wait to try my hand at paper piecing, and show you my finished quilt block! Meanwhile, go check out the originals at Gen X Quilters --- if you are crafty at all, or even just appreciate pretty things, you'll love her blog! If you are new to quilting, she even has a wonderful Quilt Block Library --- pictures of blocks, with links to the free tutorial on how to make the block. Tons of great stuff for anyone just starting out!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Wow! What an inspirational story. I never imagined such humble symbolism from a little water pitcher. Now I will have a new outlook when looking at my collection! Can't wait to see your block. AM

  2. Fun! What a blessing to not only win, but to win a block with such personal meaning!

  3. Oh how fun. Paper piecing in scrapbooking is quilting with paper - well making up the picture with paper pieces rather than fabric :)

  4. Congrats! That looks so difficult. I'm impressed, again! :)

    I just love Michael Card's music.