Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Legend of Zelda: Progress, and Un-Progress....

We all do it, right? Finish a step and realize we've made a mistake somewhere along the way??? Well, that's where I'm at right  now with the Legend of Zelda quilt. Made a lot of forward progress, then some more, and then realized that most of the "some more" has to be undone and fabric recut and pieces resewn. Oops. What's that saying, measure twice, cut once? Let's add 'and make sure you count the right patches, too...."

First the forward progress -- the middle/main section of the top is done. yay!!

the main portion of the front of the quilt
being held by the recipient-to-be son :)

This wasn't without a little mini-oops, but  mostly it went together easily. I only had to fix this one thing. Since I didn't plan out the yellows, and was actually going for a scrappy look, it turned out that all but one worked out to be nice and unscrappy. So, the one had to be reversed so that the pairs lined up correctly, and it looks much better, almost making the yellow triangles seem to glow, which is nice.

Oops. Let's move those bold dots down to the bottom.....

Now the not-so-forward progress -- the side border pieces all got cut, and chain pieced, and half need to be undone because I made too many middles and not enough tips of the colored diamonds (called "rupees" in the game...). Plus I didn't believe the cutting directions, and couldn't get the template to print right, and so I tweaked the cutting directions and wound up with pieces way too small. Oops again.

Mistake One: the tip bits are too small.
Mistake Two: I made double what I need of the middles, and half what I need of the tips.

Here's hoping the undoing and redoing goes along quickly; this is a 2-sided quilt, so I still need to get borders on the front before I can start on piecing the back!

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