Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yikes! Been a While -- So, an update, from Texas!

Oh my word, has it been forever since I posted! Yikes. I am so sorry. We moved in December, from Brazil to Texas, and have been settling in,  house hunting, getting situated, looking for a church, etc. Craziness. Absolute craziness. I do have some finishes to show you, and will go back and tell the stories later on, so check back soon. I am making it a goal to post here at a minimum of once a week, and hopefully more often once I manage that for a while, so keep coming back!

In November/December, I was determined to finish a few Christmas gifts for people back home. Yes, in the midst of prepping for an international move. 'Cause I'm just crazy like that. Still, I managed! Two lap quilts & a wall hanging. Whew!

The two lap quilts started off as Sister's Ten BOM quilts, but bed quilts for my boys got in the way of finishing the BOM blocks, so I had to improvise in order to finish these. The pieced blocks are from the BOM, the background fabrics are whatever I had in my stash that worked and the settings/quilting on each were designed with the recipient in mind.

Sometimes Short on Spoons, done in purples for Chiari Malformation Awareness
machine quilted with spoons and zig zags/zippers 

Not the Old Rugged Cross, done in red (off)white & blue, for a patriotic feel
machine echo quilted to show off the cross design
Nothing Negative About It, wall hanging for my grandparents, story coming later
this was done to resemble a 35 mm negative, with the colors in the blocks reversed
(lights where the darks would go, darks where the lights would go)
Those are the only things I've finished since my last post way back in November, yikes!, but I do have some other things in progress; more on those in the coming days/weeks. Stick around, come back soon, I promise to do better updating this!

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