Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I really have been sewing.....

This summer is flying by! I've been busy working on projects, but not busy posting about them....time to catch up some!

Since finishing the EQ7 Scrap Challenge Quilt (which didn't win, but does look great in my game room!), I have:

*finished binding a table runner that is a gift for my sister
*finished quilting 12 round placemats for my table
*created my first ever continuous bias binding
*attached said binding to the front sides of 6 round placemats
*took advantage of 4th of July sales and bought 30 fat quarters for the price of 20
*made 5 Halloween themed blocks that will become a Halloween table runner
*cut all the pieces for a pattern I bought several years ago
*started piecing the blocks for that same pattern; 13 down, 35 to go....

The table runner for my sister, and the current project, are the only two using purchased patterns; the placemats & Halloween table runner are my design. And this current project actually is adapted by me, and some of the pattern blocks are traded out (or will be traded out) for traditional blocks, from my EQ7 library. And of course is done in my colors, not the published makes me twitch to do things that everyone else is doing.

So, pictures of all of that coming soon. For now, the table runner...

from the Cherry Blossoms Bon Appetit Pattern

This was a pattern, Bon Appetit by Cherry Blossoms, that I purchased at IQF 2014, in Houston. The pattern came with full-sized and miniature templates and super easy to follow directions. 

I, of course, put my own spin on it --- I used different borders than those in the pattern, and turned the spoon upside down to lie more neatly alongside the fork. I used colors that coordinate with my dishes, thinking I would keep this for myself as an everyday table runner on my dining table; I plan to make seasonal runners as well. 

Once I finished the table runner, though, I felt it did not coordinate well enough with the regular day-to-day decor in my dining room, which is very distinctly beach themed (even though it does coordinate perfectly with my dishes, which are Fiestaware in all the colors). 

I debated hanging this in my kitchen, instead, but my sister commented that she loves it, and it was easy to choose to give it to her instead. She has different colored chairs, and so this will coordinate well in her dining room/kitchen as well. 

I did the binding in purple, the one color not used in the main quilt top, because that is a favorite color of hers -- it's the awareness color for Chiari Malformation, which she suffers from. 

I'll put this in the  mail soon, happy that it has found a home where it will be enjoyed. 

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