Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a Nice Surprise!

This past weekend I was in Texas for a very brief visit, which was lovely.  More on that later.  This post is about the most precious surprise that was awaiting me when I arrived.

A dear, dear friend, JM, emailed asking what my favorite color was.  I told her blue but elaborated on shade so that she'd know exactly.  Turns out not everyone is as familiar with coloring box colors, and so "cerulean" wasn't as helpful a term as I thought.....

She told me she had a little package to send, and where in Texas should she send it. She would not elaborate beyond that, so I had no idea what to expect.  I told my aunt to be on the lookout, explaining "It could be a fabric postcard, it could be an envelope, it could be a box, I have no idea....she won't tell me!!!" 

The package arrived at my aunt's house and she told me, "It won't take up too much room!"  JM told me "It's a large brown envelope, folded in half."   Aargh! My curiosity was high, but none of the things I imagined could have prepared me for what I found.

At first glance I wasn't sure what it was for, though I was instantely in love with the workmanship.  So beautiful!! And the color is spectacular!  Gorgeous blue on the outside, with pinks and lavenders running around inside and in the trim. Gorgeous!!

 I pulled out the tag and read the poem on the back -- it spiraled around the tag (which will now do double duty as a bookmark for my Bible...) and I only got  a  little dizzy reading it:

Roses are red
Cerulean the new blue
I'm not sure this matches, 
I hope it will do!

You read lots of books
But to get one new, 
The shipping to Brazil 
Just will not do!

Enter technology, 
The Chemist agreed;
The Kindle arrived
In lightning speed! 

Since I don't have one
(there is no need)
This pattern was just 
For you, Indeed! 

I hope you enjoy, 
It is sent with a smile
Sending lots of hugs
Across all the miles!

Made especially for (me), from (JM) in (midwestern US)
March 2010

I laughed. I cried. I smiled. I wished I'd had someone take my picture while I opened it, because to rob my sweet friend of seeing the joy on my face as I opened and understood her gift....JM, I hope this blog post will suffice!!! 

My Kindle used to wear basic black.....sufficient, hard for protection, a sweet surprise from The Chemist to protect this bit of technology.  On trips the hard cover will still be used for extra protection.  

 But at home, and around town, the pretty new cover will come out to play!  Doesn't it look nice in there??? It's a perfect fit, and the pocket will be a great place to stow my ID or a debit card if I'm carrying just my kindle around sometime. 

 The outside is quilted in pretty loopy circles, the inside with almost a paisely design, and a heart in the center space where the Kindle goes.  

I recognized the fabric immediately as some that JM had snow dyed not too long ago, and that thrilled my heart so much, to have something made with that fabric, to know just how much love and work went into this project from the very beginning. 

For an interesting read, pop over and read her account of making the cover, which also appears today!

The card said "sending lots of hugs" and I can definitely attest to that fact; I felt every one as I looked at each stitch, each new detail, and knew that a dear, dear friend (who I've never met "in real life") had crafted this just for me. For no other reason than "just because."  

Just because I'm important to her, as she is important to me. 

Thank you, JM!! You are a precious, precious friend.....


  1. I can't believe we posted on the same day!! :) This made me get teary!! Thanks for including the picture with your Kindle inside. I love seeing it working!!

    Yes, just because you are loved!! ((hugs))

  2. What a thoughtful gift! I have to admit--like you, I first looked at it and thought, "That's pretty. What is it?" But the poem explains perfectly, and it really does seem perfect for you!

  3. Such a sweet gift. That's the kind of gift you get to treasure forever. Wow!

  4. Oh, how wonderful!! What a sweet, sweet gift!

    Your Kindle looks made for it, not the other way around. ;-)

    Beautiful work, JM!

  5. JM beat me to it! When you got the Kindle, I started planning one to give to you when you came to visit. I'll chalk it up to "great minds think alike!"


  6. Joyce is so wonderful, isn't she! I love the cover she made for your kindle!

  7. Heather, it's great to visit your blog again. I've missed you!!! JM is definitely a treasure! I remember seeing pictures of the Kindle cover in the making a few weeks ago (can't remember where though) and absolutely loved it. What a special gift!

  8. You got the KINDLE!!!????? AND that cute cover!!!???? What a great friend....and poet. :) Congrats and enjoy!!

  9. Monica! So good to see you!

    Hayes - I got the Kindle at Christmas from my amazing husband and Joyce sent me the Kindle for a "you're a good friend" present at Easter. And yes, she IS a great friend!