Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilting Gifts, aka, Family Support & Encouragement

I  have to say, I didn't get a single bad Christmas gift this year. Not a one. I  love that -- our family is really good at gifting us well. We are very, very blessed in that regard.

I also have to say, though, that my absolute favorite gifts were the quilting gifts. Not  just because they are awesome in and of theirselves (they are), but because to me these gifts speak "We support you. We believe you can really do well with this new hobby, and we want to encourage you to keep at it."  Which is a really amazing thing to say to someone, ya know?  Especially when it's your parents saying it.

Yes, even as an adult I still like to hear that "atta girl" from my parents. What can I say, it just is.

So when I opened a gift of fabric and a pattern from my dad & Kim, I was floored.
pretty fabric (maybe for the backing??? not sure....)

pattern & fabric for a Snowflake Tree Skirt for our Christmas tree.
And, yes, that's a ruler peeking out underneath - a 6 x 24 - Hooray!

the pattern -- won't that be pretty with those fabrics??
Dad picked, Kim had veto; C & C helped too, I'm told.
They did a GREAT job  I think. 

And then when I opened a gift of quilting supplies from my mom, I was tickled pink.

So many supplies! And a tote for storing/carrying them!
pins & pin cushion, seam rippers, chalk pencils (multi-colored pack), lay flat tape measure, and fabric-only scissors!
And then when my grandma gave me some quilting books and magazines, I was thrilled all over again. Titles include Quick Quilts, by Susan Raimey Wright  and Quick & Easy Quilting, by Bonnie Leman.  Also a handful of magazines, and a beautiful book of art quilts! All of them absolutely FULL of patterns I can use!

So now I have a new project to work on, the supplies to do an even better job (and a tote to organize said supplies), and books full of inspiring patterns for future projects. I am just beside myself with quilting happiness.

I even got it all organized this past weekend, so my quilt stuff is easily accessible. I'll bring you that story and those pictures in a future post. Right now, the boys are all happy and playing together, so I'm off to cut some fabric....

What hobby do you enjoy? Does your family support and encourage you in it? How? I'd love to hear about it! 


  1. You inspire me! I have been determined for quite a while that quilting is a skill that I *will* conquer. To that end my mother-in-law, a master quilted who has made twin-size quilts for each of her 12 grandchildren (I need to do a post with pictures), gave me a huge bag of all of the necessary supplies (and a step-by-step instruction book that she learned from in the bush in Africa) for my birthday last year (I guess after you were here). This year I've mastered the art of basic sewing with a sewing machine, so far, so maybe it's time to move on to quilting. I was encouraged that I learned knitting and crocheting in the last few years (and, more recently, hand and machine sewing). It gives me hope that I will yet conquer quilting. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness!! :) I love seeing your gifts. It is a treasure that your family supports your habit/newcomingaddiction ;) and gifts you appropriately!! Yahoo!!!

    Love the pattern & the fabrics (way to go Dad - great choices!!) and the supply tote is darling!!

    Me: Quilting
    Support: mostly on my homefront, only sorta on the in-law front, family of origin = support but we don't do gifts they just like quilted things given to them. :D

  3. I'm a new quilter, too. My daughter and I took a class back in November. So far, we've made two lap quilts, and they turned out pretty nice. I have the same 6X24 grid ruler. At the time, I thought it was extravagant, but now I wouldn't trade it. Hubby is very supportive, but I did have to put the machine away to get through Christmas week. We even gave our daughter her own real sewing machine for Christmas. It's actually nicer than mine! Happy Quilting!

  4. I think it's just wonderful that your family is supporting your new hobby. I'm still very impressed with your quilting.

    My family supported my scrapbooking habit, but I threw in the towel a few years ago. They support my photography. Support is important.

    I think we seek our father's approval because it's supposed to be a model for our Father's approval.

  5. What cool and thoughtful gifts. Yes my family (dh/kids/parents) support my scrapbooking, home decor and photography hobbies. Not sure they understand but I also like the atta girls ;)