Friday, December 3, 2010

Triumph!!! The Sewing Project is Almost Done!

Today, even though the recipient reads this, I'm posting a picture of my sewing triumph.

I'm extremely proud. Seriously, beyond measure, over-the-top PROUD. This was a hard project. Four parts, the first two relatively easy. The third part, because I didn't know enough to do it by myself, was horribly difficult. I shared that saga earlier. The fourth part, though, everyone told me to to avoid.

bits and pieces of Part Four
My mentor said to skip it. The Chemist said to skip it. Everyone I talked to said "It's hard. Skip it." Kim said "Bring it with you, I'll help. You can use my machine."

But, well, The Adventurer didn't just pick up being stubborn from nowhere. My genes are partly responsible. And so I said, "Nope. I'm going to try it."  And, my mentor, being the very good friend that she is, told me what I needed to know in order to attempt Part Four.
"Draw your sewing line, and then don't sew past that when you make the angles/corners." 
"Cut out the pattern on the sewing line, and eyeball your 1/4" seam allowance, so that your sewing line is accurate." 
"Here's the measurements in case the scan didn't come through at 100% size." 

Putting it Together

She was also horrified to know that "whoever got (me) started didn't tell (me) about not sewing past the seam allowance...." -- until I reminded her that No One got me started.  I mean, she inspired me. Another dear friend pushed me a little. My mom took me shopping. But no one sat down with me and said, "Now, when you piece a quilt block, make sure you......."  Nope. I was on my own for that, and this has been a huge learning experience for me. Trial by fire, ya know?

So, having learned all I needed to after Part Three, I decided I really could tackle Part Four. And when my mentor saw the pictures from Part Three, she finally gave me the last bit of info I needed; I took that as a vote of confidence and today I dove right in.

Part Four 
And a short (ummm, 3 hours?) while later, I was done. On my first try. With the ridiculously hard Part Four that everyone said I shouldn't try. But which I totally rocked. On my first try. So, yea, I'm a little proud.

All Four Parts. Pardon the Size Discrepencies;
 that will be fixed when it hits Finished Product level.
I hope. 
Not too bad for a beginner without a sewing machine, huh? I sure hope the intended recipient likes the finished product.  I plan to put all the finishing touches this weekend. Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats!

    Time to sign up for the 2011 Project!

  2. You have multiple reasons to be proud!!! You rock!!

    I'm not sure she said, "cut on your sewing line" and if she did... you need to slap her side the head.... asap! ;)

    If it was me, I'd tell you to trace your sewing line and then cut 1/4" away from the sewing line, eyeballing that 1/4". :D