Monday, December 17, 2012

Ready for Christmas!! (tree skirt is done!)

It's done, it's done!!!

Finally this weekend I had time to sit down and finish putting the binding together and get it on the tree skirt. I had to sew lots of long strips of green fabric together in order to make one really super long strip, then cut the slit & circle in the tree skirt so it would fit around the tree, then sew the really super long strip to all the outside edges (and the edges of the slit and around the circle in the middle). Whew!  But, I got up early on Sunday and finished it while everyone slept. Took me about an hour, including making the ties and putting those on. That circle was a little difficult!!

Since this is just a tree skirt, I did cheat and just pin/clip it in place and sew one time by machine. None of that "sew onto the front, then fold and fold again so it wraps around, then hand sew with invisible stitches on the back so it doesn't show up at all...." stuff. Not for something that will only ever live on the floor below the tree, covered in presents.  I am just not that into the finishing details, and the little stitches that show on the binding (that wrapped edge) don't bother me anyway. If I ever want to enter a quilt into a quilt show, I'm in trouble....

While I was making the tree skirt, it reached a size I felt was good so I decided to skip adding the called-for borders. Seeing it under the tree, with plenty of room for gifts and all but not sticking out far enough that we are stepping on it, I'm glad I made that call. That's what freed up extra fabric for the stockings, too, so definitely a win-win.
in place under the tree....(lights are turned off)
(the kids decorate the tree.....)

And, bonus -- this is the same pattern as Dad & Kim's tree skirt (which she made several years ago) and was a gift from them, so every time I pull this out in years to come, I'll have a sweet reminder of some very special people in my life. Thanks again, you guys!! I absolutely love it!!

plenty big enough for gifts without 4" more on every side!


  1. That is beautiful! I agree, for something that will always be on the floor, covered with presents, you're smart to not hand stitch the binding.

  2. Beautiful - my friend Karen just made her old tree skirt into a table decoration.... so it's not on the floor anymore. Now that it is just her and her dh as the kids are all grown up - but you've got a few years for that :lol: