Thursday, February 21, 2013

Did you see this??? Honeycombs....

Ohmygoodness!!!! Wow!

I check Moda Bake Shop pretty much daily, because the projects people come up with are so inspiring. Mostly I love to design my own thing, but I still love looking at what other people create.

I am so glad I do, because when I checked today, I found Honeycombs!!!!

Moda is introducing a brand new pre-cut ----- six-inch laser cut hexagons!!!!! Ohmygoodness!!!

I've recently been thinking of a quilt to make for my mom, something besides the BOM I'm working on. It won't be for this Christmas, and maybe not for a while, but I'm dreaming up a twist on the traditional Granny's Flower Garden pattern. I haven't worked it all out yet, but it will definitely involve hexagons.

One of my dearest quilting friends loves to laugh at me, because when I design stuff I don't stop and think "is this the easiest way to do this?" -- I just design, and however it needs doing, I do it. Like the Argyle Baby Quilt, which would have been so much easier if I'd used large diamonds instead of piecing it out of small triangles. Or making the main bit out of squares, then just making a strip for the middle that involved triangles/diamonds, and piecing that in. Or any number of easier ways I could have done that, but I wanted it to be all pieced, and all triangles.

So the whole hexagon thing......I know the Granny's Flower Garden quilt will be hexagons, but I haven't figured out or even thought so far as to construction, is there an easier way, etc. It's right now just an idea rolling around in my head, waiting.

Then today, my daily click over to Moda Bake Shop, and I see the Honeycombs. Squeee!!!! So far it looks like they'll be available in Bella Solids, which is brilliant if you ask me, and I cannot wait to get my hands on some. It is, sadly, a long time until I'll next be in the US, but you better believe this will be on my shopping list. My Granny's Flower Garden quilt just got a million times easier -- thanks, Moda!!

Even better, the post at Moda Bake Shop today includes a fantastic tutorial on piecing together hexagons (yay!, need that!!), AND the Honeycombs come with a plastic template, with pre-drilled holes for marking the dots in the corner that tell you the stop/start point for piecing by machine. Moda really thought of everything with this! The tutorial even has a printable grid so you can pre-color your color placement when designing your quilt. I am seriously crazy-excited about these!!

Couldn't resist sharing the excitement with you; can you see yourself using these pre-cut hexies? What would you do with them? 

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