Monday, February 18, 2013

Sister's Ten: February Blocks

Can I just say, I am *loving* this Sister's Ten BOM???? I am. AnneMarie at Gen X Quilters has really done a fantastic job on the tutorials for each block so far. Now, I know it's only February, but still. Her cutting instructions, piecing directions, etc. are so incredibly easy to follow. Seriously.

I'm making two lap sized quilts (using the 9" block directions) in two color schemes, one as a gift for my mom and the other as a gift for my sister. I am so excited that when December gets here, I'll have a finished quilt for each of them yet it won't have taken an overwhelming amount of time or money (I was able to shop my stash for these! yay!!)

I'm going more traditional than modern for my mom, with a large scale print as my background fabric. I'm not sure the wisdom of that yet, and I might have to tweak the layout with sashing in a different color to help it make sense, but I love the blocks on their own.

My sister's is in purples, with peach as an accent color, and the small print is less traditional (but still not as modern as going with a solid) and more fun/funky, which I know she'll love. I hope.

I've never done a BOM before, but I adore being able to do a couple of blocks, once a month, and set them aside. Makes the whole "make a quilt for so & so for Christmas" feel like a very minor project instead of a big deal looming over your head. Love that!

Enough chatter, here are my February blocks. You can see the patterns/tutorials over at Gen X Quilters; AnneMarie has a convenient link with all the blocks in one place if you want to join in.

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