Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unexpected Inspiration

I have some fabric in my stash closet that I've been saving for just the right project. I used some of it for my place mats, and have been mulling over project ideas ever since. The colors are just bright and vibrant and fun, and I'm eager to get them into a throw sized or lap sized quilt for our couch.

I might have stumbled onto the project, and it came from the most unlikely of places: another video game.

Now, this video game is a computer based free-build sort of game. The player has a supply of digital blocks with which he (or she) can build pretty much anything he wants; my boys call it "Legos for the Computer".  If you have kids in your life, you may  have heard of it --- Minecraft. It's a fantastic way for kids to be creative.

Well, imagine my surprise when I glanced at the screen last night and my 15 year old had built what looked like a quilt.  He wasn't thrilled with me calling it that, but what I saw was definitely quilt-worthy. Take a peek....

imagine just that square platform, as a quilt made of 4 oversized blocks....

I'm going to copy this design over into my EQ7 software and see if I have enough fabric to pull this off. I hope so, because it is just perfect. My 12 year old son wants to help, too, so I'll probably use this as a way to really teach him machine piecing. Should be very straightforward  assembly, so perfect for my beginner.

Eventually the 15 year old will get over the horror of seeing his Minecraft "spleef arena" (a strange kind of fighting the players can do in the game) turned into a quilt. I hope.

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