Monday, July 15, 2013

...and DONE! Super Mario Quilt for a Super Boy!

So, I meant to have step-by-step and progress photos/posts along the way, but I kept working and forgetting to take pictures. Oops!

I'll be back with some close-up shots later on, because every single component is outlined with a tight zig-zag stitch (you can see it a bit on the overalls, where I cut in to give detail between the legs, around the straps, etc.). Yes, that is A LOT of work, and a LOT of thread! But so worth it!

My little boy is THRILLED! He designed the whole thing, based on the Super Mario game that is so popular. He explained each item he wanted, where he wanted each thing placed, etc. I had an amazing time collaborating on this with him! If you've never collaborated on a quilt with an 8 year is truly something magical, that's for sure!

I'm setting aside the top, for now, and will quilt it after an upcoming US trip; with so many color changes, and not wanting red quilting lines across Mario's face, for example, I decided I'd better use clear thread, which I can't get here. So, folded and to the shelf it goes for now, waiting on thread and backing fabric, and I'll quilt when we're back from our trip.

So glad to have the top done, though!! and my boy is happy, which makes all the hard work so very worth it!

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