Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oceans of Love (the Sacred Threads Quilt), continued...

It's begun! Fabric has been cuts, blocks (tiny little blocks....the wall hanging will be just about 40" in each direction....) are being sewn.....I am in a race to make the deadline, but not sacrifice quality. I'm trying to sew with precision, which is hard for me.....eek! Fun, challenging, but hard.

I've cut all the pieces, and they are in baggies waiting to be sewn. Each baggy holds one size/shape of patch, so that as I follow my EQ7 print-out I can pull the correct piece from the correct bag. 

I originally planned to sew in sections, but after trying the middle and realizing those diamond units are HARD, I decided I had better do all the squares/same type of block at a time so I can chain piece some. Otherwise, I'll never make deadline. First up, the square-in-square blocks....then back to the diamonds. 

pieces cut and ready, in baggies.

The first block..
 The first diamond block I tried ended up wonky, which is what made me change my mind. I'll need to find a tutorial on aligning those blasted triangles before I proceed with the diamond blocks. Putting it aside for now and moving on with the squares....
See how the blue triangle is completely lined up wrong? Yea, not gonna work.
Moving on....
 Chain piecing the square-in-square blocks works really well, though! Even if they are teeny tiny.

See how small?!

 Wish me luck! The deadline is a bit earlier in March than I was's got to be pieced, sewn together into a quilt top, and quilted with binding on and ready by early March. Much work to do!

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