Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quilting the Oceans of Love Quilt....

I have been hard at work quilting the top, trying to make the deadline for Sacred Threads. I knew what I wanted to do for most of the quilting, so it was fairly easy to manage.

I inside-echo quilted the white cross, with a pearly white thread for a little sheen.

I outlined the "drums" to make them seem more "drummish" (I think they only look like drums in my head, but that's okay...), and added radiating lines coming from the drum centers along the flesh-toned rays, and spreading out on either side of center on those. I used a Sulky gold thread for that part to add shine. 

Then I was stumped on what to do for the multi-colored portion. I toyed with quilting hearts into the sections, but after consulting with my quilty bestie, I decided to do inside-echo lines following the waves or curves of the storm at sea pattern, to enhance that aspect of things. 

I had a variegated red-blue-yellow-purple thread for that, and got to work, one corner at a time. Then had a lot of un-sewing to do after the first corner. Well, it wouldn't be one of my quilts without a few mini-disasters along the way, right? 

First I managed to sew a scrap fabric to the back of the quilt. What the heck?

Then, a new-to-me danger of quilting a small quilt: folding the front corner over into the area you're quilting. Egads. How on earth did I manage this???

More importantly, how did I manage to not notice this for three whole lines???? Good grief. 

Looks nice on the front side, though, doesn't it? 

Ah well, time to do some un-sewing.....

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