Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fixed it!

Got that corner all un-sewed and fixed up, and made a change to how I'm spacing the lines, which I like better...what do you think?


Originally, I had two lines inside each curve, but I worried that when I repeated that on the narrower bands, it would look more like empty spaces that weren't meant to be there; in the narrowest parts, it would be lines quilted only 1/4" apart, but in the wider areas there would be 1" to 2" gaps.

I really wasn't excited about that, so after un-sewing the corner I had sewn to the back, I decided to start over with one line along each (top and bottom of each curve) and see what I thought. Now it has a line quilted 1/4" on either side of the curves created by the pattern, with empty space between, and the empty space looks and feels much more intentional. It also keeps it more in line with the rest of the quilting throughout the other sections of the quilt.

I think I like it! Turns out a mistake this time was a reason to make a needed change, for the better of the quilt. Love when that happens!

Now to finish....

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