Monday, May 2, 2011

Broken Dishes: A Block About Divorce

Well, I've been putting this off for some time, but I can't move past this point without acknowledging this. I can't get to what comes after without addressing what came first.

This block is called Broken Dishes, but the name is not in any way symbolic of what my experience as a child of divorce was really like. There were no broken dishes, no huge angry battles, no scars on my psyche from this divorce.

Sure, it turned my 10 yr old life all topsy turvy, of course. But it didn't at all ruin my life or anything like that. Changed my life, yes. For bad, no.

Still I chose this block because it reminded me of Christmases spent between homes. Of weekends in a car, of friends in two cities, of two bedrooms just for me. Of packing bags, back and forth. Of love, not in one home but in two.

There was sadness, too, of course. If you are from a divorced home you know that. But through the sadness, I found strength. After the divorce, I found that I grew. It's that After that I would rather focus on, but of course I couldn't have reached After without first passing through Before.

Life is like that, sometimes, and that's what I want my boys to learn and to know when they read about this block in my Diary Quilt.


  1. I like your color choices in this one. Very reflective of the block's theme...

  2. Beautifully said.


  3. Keeping it real... that's always good.

  4. Very touching post. What we go through changes us, for sure. As a Christian, it becomes something that can ultimately be used for the glory of God.

  5. As a child from a broken home I think the design makes a lot of sense. You definitely can't hide it.