Friday, May 27, 2011

The V Block: Our Family

to "read" this block in order, read each row on its own.
Top row: Chemist and Reader
Second Row, L to R: The Writer and The Artist
Bottom Row: The Adventurer
This block is probably going to be my most favorite block in the entire quilt. This block will for sure be the most unique block in the entire quilt, without a doubt.

The meaning is very simple, really, but I want to tell a little about the block itself. My Grandma has been sending me scans of various Kansas City Star quilt block patterns, originally saved from the paper by my Grandpa's mother.

The first block she sent me was The V Block, which looks a little bit like the one I've done. I learned the hard way with another block that converting scans of patterns for 12 inch blocks into workable patterns for 6 inch blocks is a bit above my skill level, so for this one I chose to do an applique instead, cutting out V shapes in paper, tracing them onto my fabric choices and setting them in the arrangement given in the KCS pattern I had. So, inspired by, but not a direct version of, the V block sent down to me through the generations.

The fabric choices were easy -- one of the first things I did when choosing blocks, color patterns, etc. was to choose a color for each member of my family. The color is loosely based on birth stone color for each, and each of my boys knows his own color intimately as I use these colors a lot for my boys. The Chemist helped me choose fabric that he thought felt like each boy (himself included), and there you have it -- each one of us, in fabric, all together making up our family.

The Vs all overlap, so they are quite literally stitched together, forever joined.

Just like us.


  1. I love it. Everything is coming together so nicely for this quilt. I really need to get back to working on mine. I've been on a too long sabbatical from quilt making.

  2. all the thought and details you've put into this make me happy. What a lovely creation you are making.

  3. I LOVEloveLOVE this one!! It's wonderfu.