Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Puss in the Corner: For Kelly

I don't think this block needs a lot of explanation. If you've been around my blog awhile, you know about Kelly. If you haven't, read up on her. This will take you to all my blog posts about Kelly over the years.

If you have time to read only one post about her, this is the post I'd recommend: The First Birthday After.

She loved us, and we loved her, and then she was gone. With this block, she is remembered. Not for me, not for her, but for my boys who didn't get nearly long enough with her before she went home.


  1. Valerie and I just took 25 books to the eye doctor waiting room to donated in Kelly's name. They had a nice new bookshelf there that was empty and waiting for the books. The children in the room immediately perked up and came over to choose a book to read.


  2. Is it time?? Did I miss the post about Kelly's books for this year??

    I'm loving the quilt stories. So lovely to hear about your life in this way.

    (Know I'm always reading even if my getting to comment is hit or miss.)


  3. GfG, Celeste's donation was totally spontaneous. I did the donation post as a way to honor Kelly's 50th bday but had not thought to make it an annual thing.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the quilt posts! :)

  4. I love the idea of it being an annual thing. As I clear and sort I've been thinking of those who spread bibliophile amongst us - Kelly, my Grandpa and how happy they'd be to see books go to new and loving homes.