Friday, June 3, 2011

Custom Quilting: Where I'll be sending the Diary Quilt...

My dear friend and mentor, Jules, over at And Sew On... has long been a phenomenal quilter. She is the person who first challenged me to sew something, back ages ago when I first did the Labor of Love and sewed, gasp!, a whole quilt square. That quilt square nearly kicked my butt, but I did it, because I love this friend dearly. Oh my, she laughed at me as I struggled with basic things like how to cut out the pieces, but she made me hang in there, and I'm so glad.

She sent me, somewhere along the line, a beautiful Kindle Kover, just for me, just for no reason other than to say "Hey, friend, you are loved." The workmanship is stunning. The custom quilting, done freehand no less!, is absolutely amazing. Truly. Yes, I'm just a baby beginner, but other, much more skilled quilters than me have said the same. The work that Jules does is truly award winning. (yes, she has blue ribbons to back that up). 

teeny tiny sample of the amazing work by Mrs. So & So

As the quilting bug bit me and firmly took hold, I knew that the actual quilting part, especially without a machine, was a bit above me. When I made the quilted coasters for Kim, and tried to "stitch in the ditch" with mixed success, I confirmed that feeling. Quilting a full sized project is out of my comfort zone. No worries, I know a quilter or three, and I knew they'd help me out.

So when Jules purchased her long arm quilting machine, and converted her basement into a studio, and designed her business cards, and finally announced she was open for business! I knew right where I'd be sending my quilts. To Mrs. So & So, Custom Long-Arm Quilting.

Friends, if you sew, but aren't so fond of the quilting part, this is the place to send your quilts. If you have a desire for a homemade quilt, but not even the skills for piecing the top together, she can do that too. Small or large, basic or not, if you want it, she can do it. I've seen her work in person, up close & personal, and I've promised her my first quilt.

I may one day advance to a level where I'm comfortable doing my own quilting. I may see if another person I know, who also recently acquired a long arm, is willing to do quilting for other people, and if she says yes, I'll happily send some of my business her way as well (hint, hint, Kim). But for now, and for my first quilt, I'm going to Jules. Because Mrs. So & So is finally open for business, and I can't wait to be an official customer. Her quilting will be the crown jewel on my Diary Quilt once I ever get it done, and I'm so glad she accepts work via mail.

Check her out, friends. Even if you don't sew, go peek; her work will blow you away. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, you blow me away! Thank you so much! ((hugs))