Friday, June 17, 2011

Ocean Waves: of beach trips and so much more...

As I continue taking you through my Diary Quilt, we reach the Ocean Waves block.

Ocean Waves block

This block was created with so many memories in mind that it's next to impossible to share them all.

From a childhood spent on the water, my sister and I laughing, chasing, frolicking, splashing in the waves. Swimming together in the canal that fronted our aunt's home; climbing up and down the seawall that kept our grandma's home safe from the bay; scampering up and over rocks, crabbing with pantyhose & chicken, or later, crab cages & chicken. Eating those yummy crabs with  melted butter in Grandma's living room, cooked by our aunt, chef extraordinaire.

Teen years brought boating adventures, knee boarding and trying skis -- if I remember correctly, Penny managed the skis, though I never did. We all managed the knee board, though; Penny & I and our cousin, Christy. And took turns being pulled on a raft, and watching and laughing at the others when it wasn't our turn.

Those were some fun times, and the seeds of a love for the ocean that is rooted deep in my soul. Perhaps the very reason that so many of my special, favorite memories are beach trips; because I was introduced to the joy of the beach at such a young age, and so consistently through the years, it's forever remained a favorite location for me. Not any one beach in particular, but the beach in general. Give me ocean waves over mountain tops any day, though I love the mountans, too.

Summers when the boys were young, we'd pack up on an afternoon, The Chemist would come home from work a bit early (having gone in early to compensate), and we'd load up and head to the beach for the evening. Even the quite ugly beach we lived nearest looked beautiful at sunset, and during the week the place was nearly deserted.

me, and our first golden, Zoey-girl

a much much younger Writer

and an equally younger Artist

back when I only had 2 boys....

...and later, with a much younger Adventurer....

all my boys watching the moonrise and sunset

Later on, when it was time to say goodbye to friends and family before we moved to Brazil, we took them to the beach. Where else? The beach is the perfect setting for any trip that might become emotional.

the boys, on our farewell trip, with their Yabia (aka, The Chemist's mom)
Several times we spent at the beach with my dearest friend, my college roommate and her kids. Living hours apart, we started spending spring break together - sometimes camping but more often meeting at the beach. There is nothing quite like watching each others' children romp around, together, best of friends despite homes 6 hours apart (back then), and the delight they all took in the sand and the surf. Of watching her delight, as she had never lived near the surf in all her life.

the Chemist

me, watching my boys and her boy & girl, in pre-Adventurer days

me and my best girl, on loan for a moment 

the gang, building sand castles together

a way too dark, but great for the  memories photo of me, my best girl, her momma my dearest friend, and the Chemist looking on

bunk beds!!

crazy "cousins", post-Adventurer....


When we came home to visit the first or second time, we stayed part of the time at the beach. My sister brought her kids to stay with us, and there we all were, our family of five, her family of six + a teen girl & her baby that they were helping out for a while, and part of the time our mom was there, too. Again, the joy of watching cousins, separated by far too many miles, yet buddies in an instant. Of laughing as both our husbands struggled to get the fireplace to light and stay lit. Of playing games, and watching movies, and cooking on the ridiculous pans that were stocked in the place. Not to mention the humor of kids in jeans and winter coats, walking the sandy shore. What can I say, it was December....

my oldest niece

some of the cousins

and more cousins, with  my sister :)

the Writer and his cousin, the littlest girl

the middle girl and my middle boy, warming up by the fire

goofing off
And now, here, in Brazil, whenever we need family time, and relaxation, and rejuvenating, and to be recharged and ready to face another six months of living here, where do we head? Where else but the coast.


The beach, the beach, the beach. The ocean waves, carrying upon their crests the memories dearest to my heart and soul. Forever and forever the beach will be the conveyor of all my favorite, most cherished memories. 

What sort of landscape or setting most speaks to your heart and soul? Are you a beach lover? Mountain lover? Rivers and woods? 


  1. Dear Reader,

    Great pictures!
    It sure looks like you guys already had a strong beach culture even before you moved to Brazil :)


  2. Hmm - well we just debated if we were going to fit in our annual trip to the beach this year.... Wookie is more an engineering person than a 'dirt meets water' person he remind me. However, I love watching the ocean and exploring rock pools. I'd happily live near water any water, as long as it had trees :)

  3. Our annual trip is to the beach. The funny thing is that I'm not really a beach gal. I LOVE the water and the sounds, but I hate sand. My memories are tied to the beach, though, since we take the kids every year. My mom loved the beach and we scattered her ashes there.