Monday, June 13, 2011

My Three Sons, in Fabric

If you've been following along, you are likely not surprised in the least that this blog post is about the three other men in my life, the little (and not so little) boys who once upon a time grew inside of me and now make my life so much the richer by growing in my home (but  not in me anymore, thank goodness!). 

Very very very early on, I gave them nicknames of sorts. Not something we call them, as in, "Hey, Moonbeam, come here!" but a symbol of who they each are. Each one of them knows this, intimately, and they all will often sign cards with their symbol rather than actual name.

A moon, a sun, a star. My three sons. Depicted now in fabric (and before in my tattoo).

A steadfast, ever present, trustworthy beyond all rhyme & reason boy; my firstborn, my moonbeam.

Moon in the Window
pattern created via a freehand paper template I made
center is pieced; outside is pieced;
center is then appliqued to the outside, because I could not for the life of me figure out how to piece the curves....

A bright, cheerful, giver of life, chaser-away of clouds and gloom; my second son, my sunshine. 

Sunbeam Pattern from Kansas City Star paper clippings
Center is pieced, then appliqued to a background square
because I could not get the Y seams to work out right, no matter what.

A bright spot on a dark night, a guiding light when the way seems lost, a flickering, vibrant light when that is what's most needed; my baby boy, my starlight. 

Evening Star pattern, fully pieced
of all the stars, I chose the evening star because he's the last baby,
the only one of our boys born at night,
and I liked the simplicity of the block paired with the busier fabrics needed to truly represent my Adventurer.
My three sons. A moon, a sun, a star. In ink, in fabric, in my heart. Forever.

Do you have children? If so, how would you sum up their personalities? Or, since these names sprung from a lullaby, is there a favorite lullaby you had sung to you or that you sing (or used to sing) to your little ones?


  1. This is so nice! I'm always impressed by people who can sew.

  2. Fantastic! How sweet that you have nicknames for the boys and that they use them endearingly.

    Nice blocks! Sorry... totally lost it on helping with the moon block. Good idea to piece the sun to the background.

  3. Awwww....I really really love these. Awesome work! Outstanding job on the moon! It makes me want to get back working on the airplane quilt. I've enlisted the help of a friend to figure out if I'm up for the task of attempting a machine quilting job on such a large quilt. I don't know if I'm woman enough---ha ha! Only time will tell. Bravo for you!

  4. Oh I like these - how lovely. Yes the kids have nicknames, nothing from a lullaby, although there are lullabies we've sung and made up. Hmm, should scrap those. Thanks for the reminder.