Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabric Choices: HELP!!

I mentioned earlier in my quilt updates that a person in our life (who shall remain nameless)(but is most definitely NOT me) is expecting, and I had the design all ready to go. You might remember it...
isn't it lovely in the pinks & blacks?!

Then the person found out she's expecting a GIRL!!! Hooray!!! I was all set to go and buy the perfect pink, hot pink & black fabrics I'd chosen for this delightful quilt.

But then the person selected the bedding she wants for her little girl's nursery, and it's much softer and feminine and lavender. With purple and moss green accents. Which is very much not pink and black.

Since the store offered several pink/black baby bedding combos, I have to assume that this person -gasp- actually prefers lavender/purple to the pink/black which I really really really wanted to make. And since I want this person to LOVE, not just "like" and definitely not hate, the baby quilt, I decided I'd better use the colors she likes, not the colors I like. Hmph.

still nice, but not as pazazz-y if you ask me
I am counting on the actual fabrics to fix that.

Making gifts is way less fun when you do not love the color choices, let me just say that, right now. Then also, keep in mind that my fabric shops here are about the size of a very small bedroom. As opposed to fabric shops in the US which are about the size of a house. In other words, my selection is limited. And I already had picked out the absolute *perfect* fabrics in pink and black, so finding something just as good in purple and green was  hard. I had huge mental blocks to hurdle, limited selection making it more difficult, and, well, purple and green just do not make my heart sing the way the other colors do, so it was hard.

I did it, though. I picked out a really great background fabric, and then a dark purple and a moss green. You might note that in my conceptualized drawing, above, I have a light spring green as the center and moss green as the criss-cross. Fabric reality here is that there was not one single acceptable light green fabric, so I swapped that around. See how complicated this is??

I did find, but didn't buy yet, the perfect little thing to be the criss-cross of the argyle. I can't wait to go back and get that! It will really make the quilt. Cute little fabric daisies that make a ribbon of sorts. Different sizes of daisy, not just totally symmetric equal sized daisies in a boring little row. And the fabric has a bit of sheen to it. Not shiny or metallic but just a hint of sheen. Oh my heck it's going to be so cute!

First, though, I have got to decide on this purple and green. The Writer says I'm over thinking it. His logic is, the recipient can't hate the quilt. I assured him she can. He replied, in his witty way, "Well, she can't tell YOU she hates it, so you'll never really know. She'll only say to you that she likes it...." He does have a point, but still. I want her to love it.

Here's a sort of mock-up of what it will look like when done, just so you get the full view as well as the close-up view:
I absolutely LOVE the background fabric, though it's less tone-on-tone than I originally wanted. 
Which is where, finally, you all come in. Which two fabrics work best with each other and with the background???

Green Swirls & Purple Floral
Green Swirls and Purple Marbled
Green Floral and Purple Floral
Green Floral and Purple Marbled

PLEASE leave me a comment telling me which purple and which green, or be honest if I need to keep shopping. I do have another fabric shop I can try which might have something different. The Chemist will love you for that one....LOL!

I can't start cutting fabric until you guys vote, so don't let me down!!


  1. I think the contrast in the last option, green floral and purple marbled, looks the best.

  2. I like the green floral and purple marbled a wee bit better than my second choice which was purple marbled and green swirls.

  3. I like both of the green options, but definitely prefer the purple marbled over the purple flowered. The purple flowered doesn't seem to provide enough contrast with the background fabric; it recedes into it too much.

  4. Green floral + purple marbled. HTH.