Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remembering Socks

I posted last week (was it just last week??) that our little kitten, Socks, was not well and needed to be put to sleep. The Chemist took care of that, holding and petting Socks all the while as the medicine did its job; the boys and I stayed home and kept busy.

The Artist, who was Socks' official owner, designed a little memorial mini-quilt as a bit of therapy and comfort for himself. He drew it out, chose the fabrics, and I cut and assembled for him.

The job was one done quickly, with more focus on speed than perfection, so it is not my best work. But it is a gift full of love and prayers for my boy as I sewed, that it might ease his grief, so in that regard, it's a smashing success.

The kitten was "fussy cut" (ie, I cut around a picture of a cat) from fabric that I bought The Artist sometime last year. The red, yellow & green were chosen as they are the colors of the catnip balls that Socks loved so dearly. The gray because that is the color of Socks himself.

The picture is meant to represent Socks resting on The Artist's bed.

I quilted a very simple and loose heart around Socks and then just straight lines radiating out from the heart; loose and fast quilting, just to get it done. The Artist is pleased, and says that he feels closer to Socks and less sad when he looks at the mini-quilt. Mission accomplished; job well done.

What things have you found to help you or a loved one over a patch of grief or sadness? 


  1. pictures with comments - a mini album (tags would do or if you've got any 12x12 left I've got mini album instructions) a photo or two of Socks plus text about Socks 'so you don't forget'.

    Then he can look through it whenever he likes.

  2. Just catching up... finally! This is so sweet! I'm thrilled that The Artist wanted to make a quilt for Socks memorial. So precious!

  3. This is so, so sweet...makes my heart smile.